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November 25, 2008

We are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist company
with over 18 years of network installation and support experience in the Jacksonville area.

I am the business owner and have been in computing since the mid-1960’s. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and completed 26 years of Naval service (helicopters) with specialties in Data Analysis and Management. I have Masters Degrees in Computer Science Education and in Business Management. I am also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCSE; Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCT; and Certified Netware Engineer.  I am also a PromiseKeepers partner and use those principles in my service to clients.  We have signed the Unashamedly Ethical commitment.


Windows 8 RTM is GREAT!

August 21, 2012

Well, all is well that ends well.  I downloaded and installed the Windows 8 RTM this past weekend and all of the issues that I have reported on in CP and RP have been resolved except how to register the device, but I digress.  The metro mail app works flawlessly and connects immediately on the 3 test workstation.  I did a clean install to my Acer 10 network and Dell 9300C.  I did one upgrade to an 8” Acer netbook just to see how far it would get and it succeeded with one caveat.  The metro apps don’t work on the 1024×600 screen but the rest of the installed apps work like a charm.  Interestingly, the CP and RP versions wouldn’t even load on the Acer 8 due to the screen resolution, but the upgrade to RTM from Win7 did not report any issues during installation.  In short, I am quite happy with RTM even without a touchscreen.  If MS comes out with a competitive price point on their new tablet then move over Apple!!

The NEW Outlook.com

August 16, 2012


The future of Outlook.  It is a surprise to me, but then Microsoft is full of these this year.

How One Company Made A Multi-Million Dollar Blunder In Buying 14,000 iPads

August 16, 2012

How One Company Made A Multi-Million Dollar Blunder In Buying 14,000 iPads

This is so common in businesses that ignore my stellar technology consulting.  😀

Error when installing Windows 8 Release Preview: “Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8.”

July 18, 2012

So my initial excitement about Windows 8 running on the same hardware as Windows 7 is now dampened.  This MS answer discusses why the consumer preview worked and release preview doesn’t.  I will have to go back to Windows 7 on my old Cereron D, but it still works on my Celeron (R) latpop and my Intel Atom processor.  There is a small Intell Utility that will report your Intel Processor features.

FAQ’s about Microsoft’s new Office announcement yesterday.

July 17, 2012

Here is a link to some FAQs about yesterday’s announcement from Microsoft about the new Office and how it integrates with the pending Windows 8 release.   Microsoft has made major announcemnts this month with many surprises.  I will be posting news as soon as it is available.

New START MENU in Windows 8 phone

July 16, 2012

Look for this same start menu in Windows 8 on the desktop and tablet.

Windows 8 computers to go on sale in October

July 10, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Computers running on the next version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system will go on sale in October.

Microsoft Corp. announced the time frame for Windows 8′s mass-market release Monday in Toronto. A specific sales date in October wasn’t provided.

Most industry analysts expected Windows 8 would go on sale in the fall to ensure that the machines running on the operating system would be available for the holiday shopping season. Consumers and businesses who don’t want to buy new computers will be able to buy Windows 8 and upgrade their systems.

New versions of Windows typically come out every three years, but this update is the most widely anticipated overhaul of the software since 1995.

Applications will appear in a mosaic of tiles on Windows 8. Microsoft also designed the operating system so it can run on personal computers or touch-based tablet computers.

Microsoft, which is based in Redmond, Wash., plans to make its own tablet running on Windows 8 to compete against Apple Inc.’s hot-selling iPad. The company hasn’t yet announced a price for its tablet, which will be called the Surface. It also will be competing against a variety of other tablets, including the Kindle Fire from Amazon.com Inc. and the Nexus 7, which is being released later this month by Google Inc.

As part of its efforts to develop more touch-based software, Microsoft also announced the acquisition of Perceptive Pixel Inc. The deal gives Microsoft access to technology used in large multi-touch displays for TV broadcasters, as well as government, defense, engineering and educational markets, Microsoft said.

Terms of the Perceptive Pixel purchase weren’t disclosed.

Windows 8 is being counted on to help revive demand for laptops and other personal computers.

The operating system’s versatility is expected to encourage leading PC makers such as Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. to release hybrid machines that are part laptop, part tablet computer. Both HP and Dell have also indicated they plan to release tablet computers powered by Windows 8, thrusting them into competition with Microsoft’s Surface.

Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 computer manufacturers during the first week of August.

The high hopes riding on Windows 8 is the main reason that Microsoft’s stock has climbed by about 15 percent so far this year. The shares fell 28 cents to $29.91 in Monday’s early afternoon trading.

Windows Small Business Server Essentials becomes Windows Server 2012 Essentials

July 7, 2012

Windows Small Business Server Essentials becomes Windows Server 2012 Essentials

5 Jul 2012 10:07 AM

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy David Fabritius from Windows Server Marketing]

Hi everyone,

I’m writing today about a significant milestone for Windows Small Business Server (Windows SBS). With the new Windows Server 2012 line up, Windows Small Business Server Essentials has been renamed Windows Server 2012 Essentials. By making Essentials a full-fledged member of the Windows Server family, we are reaffirming our commitment to delivering a flexible, cloud-enabled server platform that is designed and priced for small businesses and the partners that serve them. Formalizing Essentials as a core edition of Windows Server 2012 will more clearly communicate how it fits into the Windows Server family and give it more visibility as a product.

We believe Windows Server 2012 Essentials is the most affordable and easy-to-use server solution for small businesses to date, helping customers with up to 25 users and 50 devices reduce costs and be more productive. It is an ideal first server, and can also be used as the primary server in a multi-server environment for small businesses. It helps you to protect, centralize, organize, and access your applications and information from almost anywhere by using virtually any device. Additionally, Essentials can grow with the needs of your business over time; you can purchase and convert to Windows Server 2012 Standard, removing the maximum user and device limits while retaining all your data and configuration settings as well as the unique value-add features that Essentials provides.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials has been designed to give you the flexibility to choose which applications and services run on-premises and which run in the cloud. In contrast to Windows SBS Standard, Essentials offers lower up-front acquisition and deployment costs. It allows you to take advantage of cloud-based messaging offerings while enjoying an integrated management experience by subscribing to Office 365 or a hosted Exchange service. If you prefer a fully on-premises solution, you have the option of running Exchange Server on a second server (either as a physical or virtual machine) alongside Essentials with the same integrated management experience.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials can also be used as a platform to run line-of-business applications and other on-premises workloads, as well as to provide an integrated management experience when running cloud-based applications and services, such as email, collaboration, online backup, and more.

Windows SBS 2011 Standard, which includes Exchange Server and SharePoint Foundation, will be the final such Windows SBS offering. It will remain available through the OEM channel until December 31, 2013, and will remain available in all other current channels until June 30, 2013. For additional details, please see the Windows Server 2012 Essentials FAQ. I hope to see you at the 2012 Worldwide Partner Conference starting July 8 in Toronto, Canada, where we’ll be talking more about Windows Server 2012 Essentials, and we’ll also let you know when you can try it out.

Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

July 7, 2012
New Post from Windows Blog
Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

We set out to make it as easy as possible for everyone to upgrade to Windows 8. Starting at general availability, if your PC is running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 you will qualify to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99 in 131 markets. And if you want, you can add Windows Media Center for free through the “add features” option within Windows 8 Pro after your upgrade.

When you use Windows.com to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant makes upgrading simple by walking you through the upgrade process step-by-step from purchase to download and then of course installation.


The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will check to make sure your PC is ready for Windows 8. It will provide a detailed compatibility report that lets you know of anything you may have to address before or after the upgrade and outlines actions to take.


It will also inform you of any application or device compatibility issues. It will ask you what you want to keep from your current Windows installation. You will be able to upgrade from any consumer edition of Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro and bring everything along which includes your Windows settings, personal files, and apps. If you are upgrading from Windows Vista, you will be able to bring along your Windows settings and personal files, and if you are upgrading from Windows XP you will only be able to bring along your personal files. Of course, if you want to start fresh, you can choose to bring nothing along. Or if you prefer to format your hard drive as part of your upgrade experience, you can do so as long as you boot from media and then format your hard drive from within the setup experience for installing Windows 8, not prior to it.


Once you purchase your upgrade, the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant kicks off your download. It has a built-in download manager that allows you to pause and continue your download at any time as well as a check to ensure your download completes successfully.

3 4

After your download finishes, you can choose to proceed with the upgrade (“Install now”) or install later either from your desktop or by creating your own media. If you choose to create your own media, you will be able to create your own bootable USB or .ISO file which can be burned onto a DVD for upgrade and backup purposes. If you prefer, you also have the option of purchasing a backup DVD for $15 plus shipping and handling.

We believe that your upgrade experience in Windows 8 will be a breeze by offering a faster experience, a single upgrade path, and compatibility from prior versions of Windows. We’ve continued to listen to our customers and have expanded the ability to download to over 100 countries and 37 languages. We have simplified the Windows upgrade experience with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant which supports you during your upgrade with everything from selecting your language to pausing your download to built-in compatibility checks – it’s seamless. And if you’re an enthusiast you will have the flexibility to download and control how you upgrade.

If you prefer to shop at a local store, a packaged DVD version of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will be available for $69.99 during this promotion.

This upgrade promotion for Windows 8 Pro both online and at retail runs through January 31st, 2013.

We wanted to share information about this upgrade promotion with you as we continue to drive toward the RTM milestone for Windows 8. We will of course have more to say and more details to provide closer to general availability.

Oh, and by the way – if you’re not upgrading from a prior version of Windows and are building your own PC or installing Windows 8 in a virtual machine or a separate partition, you will be able to purchase and install the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro System Builder product.

Windows 8 Relea…

June 1, 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview is now available from Microsoft

It’s Windows re-imagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability. It’s an all-new touch interface. It’s a new Windows for new devices.  And it’s easy to try now—whether you’re installing it for the first time, or moving from Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  For more details and to download click here.

Windows 8 will be the same consistent interface on workstations, laptops, phones and tablets.  The RTM (release to manufacturing) is expected in July.  I have had the Consumer Preview running on a simple Acer Netbook and another e-Machine Celeron processor since it was released and it works great.  I am updating to the Release Preview and expecting even better results.

If you have a Windows Intune subscription with us you will receive the full version of Windows 8 when it is released.  If you have not upgraded to Windows 7, you can do that now and get a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $14.95 when it is released.