The Windows XP upgrade to Windows 7 is quite fast (less than half and hour) and will copy most of our old settings to a Windows.old folder; however, there is a problem. You will have to reinstall all of your old applications on your new Windows 7 profile UNLESS you use a migration tool. I have been using PCMover from Laplink and it WORKS smooth as glass to move those applications as well. Surprisingly this works for IN-PLACE upgrades as well as over a network to new hardware.

Most importantly, the DOMAIN user settings and profiles are moved as well, but the workstation must be connected to the domain for the process to work. The IN-PLACE process involves installing PCMOVER on XP Pro, creating your “moving van” on an external storage device (such as USB), installing Windows 7 Pro, reinstalling it to the domain, re-installing PCMOVER (same per device license) and adding your “moving van” back to it from external storage. The whole process takes less than 2 hours – depending on the size of the “moving van” AND time to resolve application compatibility issues if necessary. This is a very slick migration method that can be used with a cost phased approach to getting those old XP workstations on the better, more secure and FASTER Windows 7 operating system. Obviously, you may need new hardware to use the 64bit version, but I have had great success running the 32bit upgrade with only 2 GB RAM (4 GB preferred). THIS IS A SOLUTION THAT WORKS!!


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