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Windows 8 RTM is GREAT!

August 21, 2012

Well, all is well that ends well.  I downloaded and installed the Windows 8 RTM this past weekend and all of the issues that I have reported on in CP and RP have been resolved except how to register the device, but I digress.  The metro mail app works flawlessly and connects immediately on the 3 test workstation.  I did a clean install to my Acer 10 network and Dell 9300C.  I did one upgrade to an 8” Acer netbook just to see how far it would get and it succeeded with one caveat.  The metro apps don’t work on the 1024×600 screen but the rest of the installed apps work like a charm.  Interestingly, the CP and RP versions wouldn’t even load on the Acer 8 due to the screen resolution, but the upgrade to RTM from Win7 did not report any issues during installation.  In short, I am quite happy with RTM even without a touchscreen.  If MS comes out with a competitive price point on their new tablet then move over Apple!!



August 16, 2012

The future of Outlook.  It is a surprise to me, but then Microsoft is full of these this year.

How One Company Made A Multi-Million Dollar Blunder In Buying 14,000 iPads

August 16, 2012

How One Company Made A Multi-Million Dollar Blunder In Buying 14,000 iPads

This is so common in businesses that ignore my stellar technology consulting.  😀